About Alibar

ALIBAR DOG KNITS Are a Team of International Knitters & Crafters.
Since 2012 – Team Alibar, founded and run by Barbara Galloway, has raised many thousands of Euros and saved many Spanish Galgos, Pods and other dogs in dire need of rescue.
We do this by raising funds with our Knitting & Crafting, offering some wonderful items in return for your donation for the dogs. Please See our famous Facebook Groups. We run online Auctions and show you our latest Knits on our main Group page. It’s a lot of fun and we are proud to say that 100% of proceeds go to the dogs.
Alibar support as many rescues as we can, rotating funds to help them and to share the love around.
Please take a look at what we offer.
Magnificent dog wear, the best you’ll find – Hats, Sweaters, decorative Collars, Bandanas, as well as stylish items for Human wear. You and your dogs could have a matching set!
We use great quality yarn, mainly acrylic so it is Vegan and easy care. We make to size for you and your Dogs so you’re sure to get a good fit if you measure well.
We also make pottery coasters and clocks etc. featuring your favourite Hounds. Find Jewellery, Tassels and all sorts of things in our Auctions.  Sometimes stained glass too. We always have something lovely to offer and you are saving lives by joining us.
A word from our president on how we work, and what we do.

From : Barbara Galloway president of Alibar dogknits.

We are a Spanish registred non profit, specialised in raising funds to help Spanish hound rescue organisations.

These organisations use the funds to help spanish stray sighthounds and related breeds so they can be saved from abuse / neglect and help them find suitable home in either spain or abroad.

We use different methods to raise funds:

– We have volunteer crafters knitting clothing and crafting noveltywear for sighthounds and related items like pottery etc.

We have our own website : http://alibardoghats.com/

Our products can be had for a minimal contribution posted on the website or facebook.

The crafters work free of charge, only proven expenses are reimbursed.

Our facebookgroup ; https://www.facebook.com/groups/alibar/?ref=bookmarks

– We also have a facebookgroup to organise monthly fundraisers Alibar auction sale house : https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlibarAuction/

These auctions where we sell of a broad variety of mostly dog related items. Those items are donated to us by our followers or bought in. If possible we buy from other charities who support dog rescue or and adoption.

– Some months we have a different set up, we ask our followers for contributions in the form of donationtickets. Usually five euro per ticket and we state up front how much we want to raise that month.

To motivate our donators and reward them by raffle a number of prizes.

Alibar works with volunteers who work for free. No salaries are paid ! Profits go to cover expenses and donations to our supported rescues.

All financial transactions run via our paypal acount ; alibar49@outlook.com